Sunday, 11 February 2018

Download spy hunter arcade game for free

spy hunter arcade game

This game is released in 1983.

Game play Description:-

Spy hunter arcade game uses top-down perspective.The game starts with you in a high tech(interceptor) car and your mission is to destroy various type of enemy vehicles with a variety of weapons.Make sure not to destroy civilian vehicles.You also face a helicopter which drops bomb overhead.In order to earn points,you have to destroy enemy vehicles.Your car can be destroyed by a hard collision with another vehicle or if it is hit by an enemy weapon (including the craters blasted into the road by the helicopter's bombs), or by running far enough off the roadway (or waterway).

There are three types of special weapons available in spy hunter arcade game which are oil slicks,smoke screen and surface to air missiles.Each energy has a limit and is lost if player car is destroyed.There are many other energies in the game for your car if you play well.

The road is endless and spy hunter arcade game has no ending.You need NES emulator to play this game on your computer so i have also included it.Play,enjoy and renew your memories with it!